Is this another Going Native?

Hmm…now scientist want to let people ‘breed’ with permission only. That would open a can of worms, for sure. Do you honestly think this could become acceptable?

I realize there are people who leave one with the question(s) of their ability to be a decent parent(s)…but to put the ‘go ahead’ in a group/agency hands…to deliberately sterilize people? What happens to the woman who becomes pregnant without permission? What becomes of the child?

China anyone?

The slippery slope seems to be toying with becoming slimy.

You thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Is this another Going Native?

  1. I think we must all look at people sometimes and think – you don’t deserve to have kids – those that mistreat them – BUT the decision on who should be licensed to have them or not is so fraught with problems, it won’t happen unless the population reaches boiling point on the planet – maybe not even then.

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