Unforgotten Touch

Snippet of Unforgotten Touch – Part 2

“Please don’t stare.” Lizzie tilted her face away from the inquiring eyes, instinctively seeking the shelter darkness offered. “It’s rude.”
“Aye, it is.”
She fingered the material of the dress she wore realizing her mistake in having gowns made for this era right before she traveled. “You have no intention of stopping?”
A shift of his body followed by the faint sound of his inhaled breath stirred memories. The musky odor of his scent coiled around her, and she felt herself drawn back to the now familiar dream. Her Calum stood with a young girl in the shadows of the church wall. Green eyes looked up and sought Lizzie out as she stood in the darkness.
Those same colored eyes now watched her, but this was no dream. She’d time traveled with every intention of finding her Calum, the man who’d haunted her for too many years, the man who was responsible for keeping her from making a life with anyone else. There was always a point where she could go no further. The few times she’d gone on a date, the dreams and visions descended on her with a jealous lover’s fury. They hounded and haunted her with no mercy until she had broken off any budding relationship she’d attempted to develop. Eventually, she stopped.
Calloused fingers cupped her face and tugged it upwards. Was this a face she’d known? Was this the Calum? Her chin pushed against his hand, like a bird held captive wanting its freedom, then stilled.
His eyes roamed her face as if searching for confirmation of some long forgotten memory. “I knew a girl named Lizzie, once. She stole my heart.” He laid his face on his outstretched arm, facing her. As if a dove whose eyes could only see one thing at a time, her face followed his. “I never gave it to another. Fifteen years is a long time to mourn.”
“No one?” she asked. “Why didn’t you just go on with your life?”
“She wouldna’ let me.” He shrugged as if it was normal to be held captive by a memory.

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