Almost There

I am getting the paper proof copy to edit and then will have Going Native ready in eBook form.  On my FB page, those who friended me in a certain amount of time will be getting a free copy. One hundred and three people. Not to bad I don’t think since I probably only know about twenty-thirty of that number. I have others involved with groups I frequent so all totaled I will be giving away approximately two hundred books. Hopefully most will enjoy it. I will update everyone a few days before I put Going Native up on Amazon.

Here is a snippet of Going Native from the main character’s, Lexus, POV.


I jammed my hands under my armpits and crept on wooden legs toward the wall of shiny metal. My reflection watched me advance, hollow eyed and ashen. I gripped a handle. With a click, the door moved toward me. Eyes squeezed shut; I pulled the drawer the remainder of the way open. The clock on the wall ticked. My shirt was so damp it was as if I was draped in a wet blanket. And the smell, my nostrils flared. I wasn’t sure what it was, except that it was close to raw meat. Not repugnant, but not alive. Off—definitely off. The drawer moved, and my eyes flew open. I gasped. With a shudder, I turned away and retched. Pasty beige vomit splattered on my pant legs and onto my green hiking boots. A slender arm dangled in my peripheral vision. My eyes trailed upward to a young woman’s body. Lying across her still chest was a child. A tiny face with shadowed blue circles under closed eyes. I traced the shell of the baby’s ear and made the sign of a cross with my other hand over the mother and infant. A childhood prayer I had learned slipped from my lips.



Two Cellos – Now One

My main character, Lexus, in Going Native plays string instruments. This is her favorite group. The group she and Tanner, her love interest, go see on their first date.

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Snippet from Going Native

Tanner and Lexus on their first date at a 2 Cellos concert. 

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser sat on the stage, their cellos held between their legs. They weren’t Perfects but man they were gorgeous. It gave me a small comfort there was one spot in this crazy world my family had been a part of creating where talent was acknowledged before looks. As far as I was concerned, they had both. Sitting on the front row at a 2Cellos concert. Could it get any better as a music lover? I peeped over at Tanner. Yep, much. I broke into a grin. Clocks by Coldplay, the perfect song for the man who loved that group, filled the hall.

I bent my head toward Tanner and whispered, “You like?”

“I like a lot,” he replied, his breath brushing my neck. He laced his fingers through mine.

A lot of what? Before I had time to get flustered over his comment,  they began to play Voodoo People by Prodigy, a song I’d heard blare out of Tanner’s office on many occasions. It was always 2Cellos last song of the night. The one that left the audience in a state of gut wrenching excitement. It was working.

Tanner looked at me, his face lite up like a Christmas tree. “This rocks!” People of all ages began to stand, their bodies moving to the ultra fast pace, some even in the aisles on both sides of us. My fingers played the notes on my leg. Tanner stood. “Come on,” he shouted as he waved toward himself, “you can’t just sit there.”

Here goes nothing. I stood beside him and he turned toward me. I lived for music. This was one thing I felt to my very core. I’d never realized how sexual it could be with a man. Our eyes locked and neither one of us looked away. Friends, friends. . .  . not gonna happen . . . my mind warned me.  My heart didn’t listen as it whispered I want more.