Almost There

I am getting the paper proof copy to edit and then will have Going Native ready in eBook form.  On my FB page, those who friended me in a certain amount of time will be getting a free copy. One hundred and three people. Not to bad I don’t think since I probably only know about twenty-thirty of that number. I have others involved with groups I frequent so all totaled I will be giving away approximately two hundred books. Hopefully most will enjoy it. I will update everyone a few days before I put Going Native up on Amazon.

Here is a snippet of Going Native from the main character’s, Lexus, POV.


I jammed my hands under my armpits and crept on wooden legs toward the wall of shiny metal. My reflection watched me advance, hollow eyed and ashen. I gripped a handle. With a click, the door moved toward me. Eyes squeezed shut; I pulled the drawer the remainder of the way open. The clock on the wall ticked. My shirt was so damp it was as if I was draped in a wet blanket. And the smell, my nostrils flared. I wasn’t sure what it was, except that it was close to raw meat. Not repugnant, but not alive. Off—definitely off. The drawer moved, and my eyes flew open. I gasped. With a shudder, I turned away and retched. Pasty beige vomit splattered on my pant legs and onto my green hiking boots. A slender arm dangled in my peripheral vision. My eyes trailed upward to a young woman’s body. Lying across her still chest was a child. A tiny face with shadowed blue circles under closed eyes. I traced the shell of the baby’s ear and made the sign of a cross with my other hand over the mother and infant. A childhood prayer I had learned slipped from my lips.